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NEW for the 23/24 season MMHA will be conducting Gold Level Tryouts for the U11 and U13 age category.

At the AGM for the 22/23 season a motion was presented to the membership in regards to Gold Level Tryouts.  The motion passed with unanimous support and it can be read here:

Gold Level Tryouts Motion

The Policy for Evaluation and Team Formation was updated by the board to include a provision for Gold Level Tryouts for U11/U13 teams.

As this is a new way of forming our U11/U13 Gold level teams, MMHA is usure about how many players will attend and what the overall cost will be to the associations.  The MMHA board voted and approved the cost of $100 for the 23/24 Gold Tryout process.  Players that are placed on a gold roster will be refuned their normal evaluation cost which is built into registration fees.  

To register for Gold Level Tryouts please select this option upon registration.  Watch the below video for more info:

Selecting the Gold Tryout Package

Important information about the new Policy:

  1. U11 & U13 Gold Level Tryouts
    • MMHA will provide a sign up option for all players in U11 & U13 (or any other division where a gold or equivalent team will be formed) to sign up to attend Gold Level Tryouts on the HCR.  The cost of this tryout will be determined by the MMHA board prior to posting the package onto the HCR and opening registration.
    • Players will be divided into groups at the discretion of the MMHA board, but the groups will not exceed 30 skaters per group.  The MMHA board will reserve the right to change the groupings as necessary at any time during the tryout.
    • Gold Level Tryouts will consist of 3 skates.U13 players will identify by position (forward or defense) prior to evaluations.  The independent evaluators will construct defensive specific drills into their evaluation plans.  
    • Players will be evaluated by the independent evaluator as follows:
      • Players will be assigned a numbered pinnie to wear for all three skates. This pinnie number may change if the evaluator requires regrouping for subsequent skates.
      • The evaluator will receive only a list of pinnie numbers, no names will be provided.
    • The content of the skates will be determined by the independent evaluators subject to approval of the MMHA board.
    • The results of all skates will be tabulated by the evaluator
    • The evaluator will provide the age director with the evaluation data (pinnie numbers only). 
    • Teams will be formed by the age director in accordance with our team formation guidelines (see below).

Roster Selection Process for U11 & U13 Gold Level

  1. Gold level teams will be formed prior to the start of regular U11 & U13 tiered evaluations.
  2. The age director will create a rank order list of players based on their evaluations by the independent evaluator.
  3. For U13 the rank order list will contain at least 4 players who have identified as defense.
  4. The Roster Approval committee will approve a coach for the team following the process noted above.
  5. The age director will contact the coach of the team to give them the option of using the “Coach’s Picks” (See below). 
  6. The roster will be reviewed and approved by the Roster Approval Committee.
  7. Players selected will be informed by the selected coach.  
  8. Players who have not been selected will be informed by the age director, and will attend U11 & U13 tiered program evaluations.