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PV U18AAA Female informaiton and registration

24/25 PV U13AA (co-ed) information


In preparation for creating two U13AA Regional Teams in Pembina Valley, we would like to present a framework that could help us start the season.  Keep in mind this plan is subject to change.


This June, we will need to provide ice slots to Hockey Winnipeg for scheduling league games.  Hockey Winnipeg would like to have a draft schedule created before July, so that any changes could be made well before September.


Hosting an on-ice tryout process in June has multiple challenges, including ice availability, player insurance coverage, conflicts with other sports and family plans, and short notice to families.

An alternative format could be an on-ice tryout in September, which could give us time to organize and plan team formation.

PVMHA can open player and goalie registration on June 1st and close the registration process on June 20th.  This would provide PVMHA with a list of players that are committed to a tryout process and would help to select arena locations to host the teams.  With this registration list, we could prepare an evaluation process for September, which would include an ice schedule and tryout rosters. Late registrations could be accepted; although we would request that Association Presidents email members so that all eligible families are aware of the U13AA registration opportunity.

Pilot Mound has indicated an interest to host the tryout dates in September.


After the registration process, we will determine how to divide the region into two teams. Preliminary estimates suggest that is likely that our region could have one team representing the West and one team representing the East.  We are open to suggestions, but minimizing travel distances for practices would be a main focus.  The boundary between east/west or north/south divisions has not been determined yet.


What we would request from our Associations, is a commitment to host league games, even if it's a collaborative effort from multiple Associations.  There will be a shortage of ice availability this season, and having a single host location for each U13AA team may be challenging.  Having a few arena locations to host games and practices could balance the travel commitments for families and reduce the pressure on Associations for scheduling.

We have received some communication from Associations and arenas to host practices and/or games.  Preliminary discussions have been held with Rosenort (East) and Manitou (West).  If your association has any interest in collaborating, please respond to indicate your interest and what you are willing to provide in terms of ice availability or other accommodations.


PVMHA would submit two teams.  Each team would have a white jersey set and a dark jersey set.

- Pembina Valley Hawks Black

- Pembina Valley Hawks Red

Pembina Valley Information

Pembina Valley League Document