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The Hockey University online clinic for officials is titled “HU – Officiating 1/2″ and will be accessible through the official’s existing eHockey accounts. The program, which consists of 12 modules, has been designed for the officials to complete at their convenience and may be revisited at anytime during the hockey season. However, it is strongly encouarged to complete all of the HU modules immediately so that you may have the best chance to register in the clinic that is most convenient for you. You must complete the HU segment before eHockey will allow you to register for a clinic.
Hockey University (HU) is an online certification component for officials across the country. HU allows us to provide quality learning with a standard delivery message in servicing our officials. Over the past several years there have been many requests to provide an online education tool for coach & officials training. Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba are pleased to now offer this flexibility and convenience to our members. Online education will benefit our officials in a number of ways– bringing hockey education into the 20th Century!

Hockey Manitoba’s goal, with the implementation of HU, is to provide quality learning with a consistent delivery message to service our 1800+ member officials. For this reason Hockey Manitoba is requiring ALL Level I, II, and new advancing Level III officials to complete the four (4) hour online component prior to registering and attending a four (4) hour in-person clinic. The total length of the Level I, II and new Level III clinics will remain eight (8) hours with 4 hours online through HU and 4 hours classroom which will include a one hour ice session. New advancing Level III officials, who have completed the online component, may attend any Level III clinic. Please note that in order to advance from Level II to Level III, approval is required by your local RIC.